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Now on the festival circuit, Tessellate is a short science-fiction film set in a near future when the technology to alter one’s personality has recently been legalized. Tessellate was the winner of MiTribe Productions’ short film fund. It explores the topics of social networking, personal identity, and the corporations that attempt to control both. Starring Jen Znack, MJ Kehler, Blake Stadel, Anthony Demare, Michael MacKinnon, and Kathleen Keatings. Cinematography by Josh Knepper. Original score by Chris Dudley of the Grammy-nominated band, Underoath. Written and directed by Rob Jacobsen.

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In the final stages of post-production, D.O.P.E. is a 22-minute television mockumentary pilot about the Department of Paranormal Enforcement. Set in a parallel universe, D.O.P.E. features aliens, fight scenes, a clairvoyant android, erotic dreams, and two agents who mostly like to shoot bad guys and blow shit up. Starring Jen Znack, Rob Jacobsen, Chengis Javeri, Gin Fedotov, Bernie Janssen, Jeff Conrad, Taha Akra, Amy Miller, and Ivy Miller. Cinematography by Shawn Elgby. Created by Jen Znack and Rob Jacobsen.

Completed Projects

Bare Knuckle Suicide Music

A short drama/comedy starring Jeff Conrad and Rob Jacobsen. Bare Knuckle Suicide Music focuses on two friends who deal with the death of their loved ones in wildly different ways.


A short horror/thriller film starring Jen Znack and Brianna Johnston. Skinner follows two young women as they search an abandoned factory for the monster that has haunted their village for generations.

Skinner has played at a number of festivals, including the Frostbite International Film Festival, where it won the Best Horror Short and Best Visual Effects awards.

The Icarus Complex

Cave Puppet's first feature film, starring Rob Jacobsen, Asiah Holme, Monica Maddaford, Andrew McKenzie, Jason Steele, and Jeff Conrad. The Icarus Complex is the story of an aspiring magazine editor whose attempts to pay off his debts to a loan shark get him tangled up in a conspiracy involving a former Hollywood starlet.

The Icarus Complex had its world premiere at the Louisville International Film Festival in 2015.